Top 6 Best Bicycle Water Bottle Holder in 2016 Reviews

Given their advantages, we need to carry bike water bottles while cycling. But it is obvious we cannot carry them in our palms as this might lead to an accident. For this reason, the following top 6 best bicycle water bottle holder reviews bring you the best places to carry your water bottle while cycling.

1. The Friendly Swede Alloy Bicycle Water Bottle Holder Cage


This 2-pack water bottle holder is constructed from 6061-T6 heated-treated aluminum alloy; thus, it is durable and has extra strength with low weight of 2.1 pounds (60g each). It features 4 X M5x0.8 screws, which are standard size and perfect for bottle mounts. Ideally, its installation is quick and easy, and all you need is a 4mm hex key (not included) to fasten cages in screw holes on frame. Given its standard size, Friendly Swede Water Bottle Holder is ideal for most standard-sized water bottles. Like many Friendly Swede products, this water bottle holder has a guarantee of a lifetime warranty.

2. SainSpeed Water Bottle Holder Rack Cage


With ability to fit to any bicycle with or without bottle cage bosses, SainSpeed Water Bottle Holder could not go unnoticed in these top 6 best bicycle water bottle holder reviews. It features advanced all-steel materials for super toughness and it will not break under normal conditions. Made in a patented QR design, holders of this product can rotate at 360 degrees for easy and quick operation. This model comes in color black, and this makes it easy to blend with the color of any bicycle. Because it is adjustable, SainSpeed Water Bottle Holder Rack Cage can be fitted on handlebar, front pipe, fork, down tube, and under seat.

3. Best Bike Water Bottle Cage


This water bottle holder is easy to install and you can attach it to your bike frame in less than 60 seconds using a screwdriver. Its inside has a firm grip to ensure your water bottle is secure and never falls out even on bumpy roads and trails. Constructed from stainless steel aluminum alloy, this water bottle holder is 100% rust-free, and strong enough to serve you for several years to come. It is also lightweight and sturdy enough to hold a full water bottle firmly while riding. It is somewhat versatile and fits most over-sized and standard-sized water bottles. In addition to being extremely easy to wipe and clean, Best Bike Water Bottle Cage offers quick and easy access to water bottles during long rides.

4. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Cage


Another stunning bike water bottle holder in these top 6 best bicycle water bottle holder reviews is this built to last model. Made of durable, CNC machined, and heat-treated aluminum alloy, PRO BIKE TOOL Water Bottle Cage is strong and has a lightweight design of only 1.69oz/48g. It is adjustable; hence, it can be fitted on most bicycle parts including the handlebar and fork. The stunning durable finish of powder coated finish and high tumble polish not only matches the shiny bike paintwork but also makes the water bottle holder easy to wipe off and clean. With a secure and sturdy bottle retention system, this product ensures a full bottle stays firmly in place when riding; whether you are out riding fast on bumpy trails or roads. It also features oval mounting holes that allow for fine-tuning of position of frame, making it easy to install. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Water Bottle Cage is ideal for most standard-sized and over-sized water bottles.

5. Topeak Modula Waterbottle Cage 2


This product features an innovative diameter adjustment system that makes adapting it from traditional cycling water bottle sizes to store bought bottled water containers easy and quick. It is made of engineering-grade plastic and aluminum; thus, it is flexible and highly adjustable. With a push button and slide cage to fit water bottles, Modula Cage 2 is suitable for water bottles with different diameters. It has rubber cage pads that protect the bottle from falling out and prevent rattling. Given its high quality materials and components, this product can be used by both amateur and professional riders alike.

6. Ibera Extra Lightweight Alloy Bottle Cage


The final product in these top 6 best bicycle water bottle holder reviews is this ultra thin and sleek bottle cage. Constructed from lightweight, heat-treated aluminum alloy, this product weighs only 29g, and it is arguably the lightest of Ibera’s bottle cages. It features an oval, ergonomic design that helps to strengthen its hold while keeping bottles firm and providing easy access for riders. With two glossy finishes in a carbon pattern and white and two matte finishes in black and silver, Ibera Bottle Cage can easily match bicycles of all colors. This product is perfect for rides around town or for touring. Moreover, its lightweight of 29g makes it ideal for persons who want a stylish cage to lighten their load as they ride.

Choosing a bike water bottle holder can be a daunting task, especially today when there are many manufacturers and designs. But with these top 6 best bicycle water bottle holder reviews, you will be able to get the best model with advanced features and great performance.

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