Top 6 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Protectors in 2017 Reviews

If you want to make your Samsung Galaxy S7 more aesthetically appealing, the best thing to do is to add a case protector. While protecting you phone’s screen from cracking and dirt, case protectors enhance the beauty of a phone. Different cases come in different designs and colors to ensure you get what you love. In these top 6 best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case protectors reviews, we will look at the best quality case protectors to help you with the selection.

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


This case protector offers dual layer protection and the much-needed convenience without compromising your phone’s sensitivity. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) to allow it provide cushion during accidental drops. Ideally, it has all phone ports covered to block debris and dust. Its raised edge protects the phone’s screen from shock and scratches, and its sporty design is capable of withstanding heavy use and demanding conditions. It also has 360-degree swiveling belt clip holster for carrying convenience. Precisely designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this case protector offers full access to phone sensitivity and functionality.

2. VRS Design Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Brushed Metal Textured)


Capable of offering a full degree of protection, Galaxy S7 Edge Case could not go unrecognized in these top 6 best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case protectors reviews. Its dual layers are made from high-grade TPU and PC, to offer cushions and encase the phone from serious collisions. It also features a brushed-metal look that will give your device a premium vibe without compromising its signal or sensitivity. The Galaxy S7 Edge Case is engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising the security of your phone. Its precise cutouts give you full access to the phone’s ports and its sensitive button covers allow responsive presses. Galaxy S7 Edge Case comes in available several colors for electronics enthusiasts of all stripes.

3. Ringke FUSION Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Ringke FUSION Case is precisely designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and, as such, it fits perfectly on this device. Its crystal-clear protection promotes the phone’s original look with minimum bulk. Moreover, it features Active Touch Technology and Ultra slim Transparent TPU bumper for easy and natural access of all essential buttons and ports. It also includes attached dust caps to protect audio jacks and charging ports from dirt and dust. Featuring Free DIY template, you can customize this case protector for improved performance.

4. The Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Another model that had to be included in these top 6 best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case protectors reviews is The Rugged Case Protector. Featuring a flexible TPU case that has a mechanical design with technical details like the glossy lines and carbon fiber texture, this is the best model you will ever come across on the market. It has a raised lip of 1.2mm to protect the screen from shock and scratching. It also features Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption and maximum protection. Furthermore, it comes with tactile buttons for solid feedback and an easy press.

5. VRS Design Case for the Galaxy S7 Edge (Phantom Black)


VRS Design Case is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Protector offering refined, functional, and practical features to fully complement your device. Made and designed by the same company, Phantom Black and Metal Brushed Textured VRS Design Cases are similar; the only difference is the color. Constructed from high-grade TPU, Phantom Black VRS Design Case offers rugged construction. With non-slip, natural grip, this case protector is subtle and comes with a curved glossy finished side that helps prevent hand discomfort during extended use. Moreover, its edges are raised to keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground.

6. CINEYO (TM) Samsung Galaxy S7 Case


CINEYO (TM) is another model worth noting in these top 6 best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case protectors reviews. It is a heavy-duty two-layer rugged case designed for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Its rugged case is made of a Polycarbonate shell outside and a TPU shell inside for maximum protection. The outer polycarbonate shell offers protection to the back, corners, and side of your phone. In addition to the protection, its impressive features allow it to offer the much-needed functionality to your device. It also comes with a Kick Stand on the back of the shell to allow you turn your phone into a small media center. Ideally, it gives you easy access to all buttons, camera, speakers, and connectors.

While there are many case protectors for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, finding the best quality has always been difficult. For this reason, we have compiled the top 6 best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case protectors reviews to help you get the most desired and high quality product that will protect your phone for a long time.

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